What should we know to build ecological wooden houses?

By on February 12, 2018

One of the biggest concerns of our customers is whether a wooden house is as durable as a brick or concrete house, as they are concerned about threats such as fire or termite attacks. We will tell you about the forest wood houses.

How are ecological forest wood houses built?

The first step to build forest wood houses is of course, be the location of suitable land and contact with an architect specialized in the construction of wooden houses. How we have treated these issues in depth in previous articles both of this blog and the blog Build an Ecological House and are also valid for ecological wooden houses, we refer you to them. So, we want to focus on the issue of the durability of wood for construction of greenhouses how should be the wood for construction to get a house that lasts forever and that does not give us any kind of problem of humidity or bug attacks?

Well let’s go by steps, a good ecological wood house starts in the forest, when and how we cut the wood will be a key factor in ensuring its durability, but immediately after applied treatments will determine its structural and biological resistance.

The wood for forest wood houses

When do we cut the tree to remove the wood from the forest?

This is part of the traditional wisdom if we ask any man in the field when we should cut a tree to get lumber for construction the answer will be unanimous: the tree must be cut down when the winter has passed, when there is no snow in the woods and before the summer starts.

And this why?

It is necessary to avoid cutting the spring tree to avoid the sap that is working actively during the spring and summer months. In addition, the tree must be cut when the moon is farthest from the earth, which is when the tree has no activity, it has no sap. The specific moment would then be when there is a new moon (also called the old moon) that is when we do not see the moon. The drier winter wood will be easier to dry for use in construction because it will not have as much water.

What do we do to avoid the attack of bugs in the forest wood houses destined for construction?

To avoid the attack of bugs on the wood, it is necessary to remove the bark immediately after it arrives at sawmills. This is necessary because of the bark and the trunk area where the bugs are born. How do we get a straight wood, without cracks and which do not attack bugs? Well, let’s follow the process at sawmill. The wood has arrived and the bark has been extracted, this wood can be stored up to a year (it was traditionally stored for one or several years to dry, nowadays we have industrial dryers). Once the bark of the forest wood houses is removed, the wood is cut in half, longitudinally to avoid the heart. From the heart, in the center of the trunk, is where the cracks are born. Thus, if we were to be in the trunk in half, cracks are no longer born.

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