What are the forest wood houses?

By on February 17, 2018

Far from being a simple romantic idea or for rural people, wooden houses are emerging as one of the most viable options to solve the demand for housing and the challenge of promoting a sustainable forest economy. And, thanks to the technology developed in the field of construction with wood, homes of this material are up to 50 percent cheaper, in addition to being thermal, resistant to earthquakes and even fires. In fact, for the construction of a wooden house is not required to go to a mountain or a forest, it is enough to have a certain surface on which you want to build in which it is not even necessary to lay foundations. We will learn about the forest wood houses.

Forest wood houses were revealed that this is because this type of construction “does not invade the foundation, because when you put a wooden house only occupies a perimeter where the modules are supported and built there. Also and contrary to what could be feared, this type of houses does not present problems of humility “because it is not in contact with the land and with the same base is leveled and all services go down”.”When you want to add luxury to a house, it is normal to put wooden floors, wooden walls, and wooden furniture. Here, the whole house is made of wood.

One of the main objections to building forest wood houses is the fire resistance of the structural elements, however, it is necessary to take into account, that like all building materials, wood, must meet a very demanding regulation in fire prevention matter. For this reason, we can be sure that the structure of a wooden house meets the minimum fire resistance requirements required by regulations. This protection is achieved through the physical protection of the structure either through panels or fire-retardant paints. In addition, it is necessary to take into account that wood burns easily but only on the surface and for this reason it is easy to increase its resistance to fire by increasing its section.

For the anti-seismic properties of forest wood houses:

Another concern of our customers is the behavior of the wood in front of an earthquake. However, wood, as we have said, is one of the lightest construction materials and this gives it a great advantage in front of an earthquake compared to concrete or steel. A forest wood houses weighs less and has an excellent resistance to compression and traction and for this reason, it generates less inertial forces in case of an earthquake, where the greatest danger is represented by the forces of horizontal acceleration.

That’s right, the knowledge of our ancestors about wood construction was very high and they allowed the wood to dry properly before putting it on site, where it was protected from humidity and kept ventilated to avoid the attack of insects or fungi. With a good execution of the constructive details, building a wooden house is a sustainable investment in addition to sustainable.

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