Reasons to build a wooden house:

By on February 14, 2018

Wood is one of the oldest building materials; it is a flexible and versatile construction material with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and with innumerable construction features. It is also an abundant and renewable resource that is positioning itself as the building material of the future to face climate change. Looking for forest wood houses,  read ahead.

Forest wood houses:

But let’s see in detail each of the advantages of forest wood houses.

1) A lightweight structural material:

Wood is a material with excellent mechanical properties; its fibers give it resistance to traction and compression and have a great versatility of constructive options. The weight of the structure, as we know, has a direct relationship in the type of foundations of a house, the less our building weighs, the fewer foundations we will need with the consequent savings in construction costs that this entails.

2) Building a wooden house is faster than building in concrete

Building a wooden house is much faster and efficient than building on any other material. Wood is a material that can be worked in a workshop to be later transferred to the work.

This supposes two advantages: on the one hand, we can control to the maximum the constructive details in the workshop, where we work with very precise machines that allow us to control the cuts to the millimeter, but in addition this supposes an added advantage in time, since while we excavate and we prepare the foundations in the field, we can be preparing the structure and the walls in the workshop.

3) Wood is a sustainable material

It is said that the wood generates a positive balance of CO2 in the building; this is because the energy balances of the materials are calculated from the moment of their formation. If we bear in mind that building a wooden house is made with a material that comes from the forest, we must begin to count the ecological balance of our house at the time the tree is born and begins to absorb CO2. Forest wood houses have trees that absorb an average of 10 to 30 kg of CO2 each year depending on the species and age, for this reason when we cut the wood, it already has a negative balance of CO2 emissions and has also issued oxygen.

4) A wide variety of constructive options

In the market, there are countless products to build a wooden house made only of materials from the tree. We have pillars, beams, and panels of fibers or contralaminados, pavements, insulation of cellulose or cork and a long etcetera. To build a forest wood houses we will opt, as far as possible, for materials that do not use toxic adhesives in their joints, such as fiber panels.

5) Because we can build with local wood

There is the possibility of building a wooden house with wood from local forests certified according to the PEFC or FSC systems that guarantee the legality and sustainability of the wood as well as the maintenance of the natural wealth of the forests where it comes from.

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