A home in the forest, inspiration for the construction of forest wood houses:

By on February 11, 2018

The construction of ecological houses has many slopes, and those of wood can be a good example of this type of green bets that, fundamentally, look for the achievement of a comfortable home without it supposes an environmental damage. Logically, not in absolute terms, but rather in comparative terms, since the best way to avoid damaging the environment is to refrain from a building. Or cut down as little as possible, if its forest wood houses.

Forest wood houses:

Dry construction is a term that refers to the absence of water in the process of building a wooden house. The wood, as we know, incorporates glued, bolted or fitted joints, but does not require any mortar for its installation. For this reason, it is considered a work in dry that generates very little waste and that allows an exhaustive control of the constructive details that are designed with millimeter tolerances. The construction of forest wood houses in dry also allows a greater planning of each one of the phases of construction, reducing the improvisations in work and diminishing the times of construction.

However, respecting or fulfilling key aspects such as the certification of wood, the use of local materials to reduce the carbon footprint or, for example, the integration of construction with the environment we gain green points. Other ways of carrying out an ecological construction consist, for example, in the choice of its orientation taking into account the distribution of some or other rooms or the inclusion of passive elements. Finally, regardless of environmental standards for the forest wood houses that require compliance with certain requirements, the sum of successful decisions in the field of the ecological will give a better or worse result.

The term ecological house, in short, encompasses a large number of types, construction systems, and materials, which may be to a greater or lesser extent. Once completed, they will be more or less, in the same way that we must also take into account the environmental impact of their habitability. That is the footprint that involves the day to day in a myriad of aspects.

Forest wood houses made by a carpenter:

The house that occupies us meets the general definition of an ecological house, understood as a construction that respects the environment as much as possible, in addition to being built with natural materials. At the same time, it is built thinking about the use of the natural resources of the sun and the landscape for the comfort and well-being of its inhabitants. It is a house that, moreover, represents the culmination of a personal dream. It is located in an idyllic setting and is a homemade by hand, although seeing it hard to believe. And the history that leads to its construction is, at least, curious, since it has been built by a young carpenter who wanted to have a house made with his own hands.

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